Why choose us?

You have a few options with Moab photographers for hire. You have the traditionalists, the newer technical-processing focused, and the traveling freelancers. FotoMoab fits somewhere in between--as a coach, instructor, local friend, and guide. We offer a contemporary approach to photography. While we are skilled at capturing classical compositions of Moab's iconic landmarks, our specialty is creating a great image--no matter the lens and light--that is, how to find a unique and interesting composition and create a stunning image with what you have available. All will be according to YOUR goals and interests, growing as a photographic artist and, of course, making the most of your limited time in Moab. 





Teresa Munisteri has over ten years of experience working in fine art photography. From university professor to private instructor, Teresa has worked with a diverse list of clients of different ages, skill levels, and backgrounds. She specializes in helping photographers achieve their artistic goals in the field as well as in the digital darkroom. As a Moab local, Teresa knows the area, the right times to capture the best images, and the hidden gems of the desert. FotoMoab offers a custom, private photo experience that caters to your personal vision.